Hiring & Training Process

Hiring & Training Process

What is the Hiring Process?

Each staff member is carefully selected based on maturity, responsibility, and outstanding character qualities. The hiring process includes a detailed application, a one hour mandatory video and quiz on child abuse, reference checking, personal interview, background check, and a check of the the statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry.

The Training We Provide

At the beginning of each summer camp season, PCC SACC has a mandatory week-long staff training. Training includes managing behaviors of children, emergency response procedures, activity safety procedures, leading groups, child protection standards, and more. Additionally, each full-time staff member is certified in CPR and learn basic first aid. In addition, we ask that new hires watch a few training videos before they attend the mandatory week-long training. Weekly staff meetings are held throughout the camp season.

During the After School Camp season, PCC SACC has a mandatory 2-day staff training with additional quarterly trainings throughout the school year. Biweekly staff meetings are held throughout the After School Camp season that often have a training component involved.